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Our Film & How You Can Help

Official TEASER Trailer

Food For Cast/Crew


Materials Props/SETS




Film/Editing Gear


Film Festival Fees


Sound Department


MakeUp Department


Miscellaneous $$$


For all donations we will credit you as a supporter in the film.  Plus, you'll be given gifts for your donations.  Like: Personal video thank you from the cast/crew, A shout out on our vlogs, and more to come...

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Thanks for having interest in our film SPACELOCK.  It is a Space Action Horror Film made on no budget.  How this is possible; Volunteers, friends/family, and donators/supporters like you.   We've produced a number of no-budget films like "KARPENTER" and have had great success completing and showcasing our films worldwide.

Now we need your help.  How?


Just by selecting one of our donation options.  We have picked selected departments and general production needs to help you decide where you want your donation used.  Choose; Cast/Crew, Props/Sets, Makeup/Special Effects, Gas/Travel, Film Festival Fees, Film/Editing Gear, or Miscellaneous.  

You can also send us donations to:


FastCoast Productions

P.O. Box 324

Hamilton, MT 59840

Questions; Contact us at:

Make Checks Payable to:

FastCoast Productions

You can send Gift Cards, too!  Like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, McDonalds, Burger King, Five Guys, Five on Black, Freddy's Burger, Exxon, Sinclair, Super One, Albertsons, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Poppa Murphy's Pizza, Figaro's Pizza, NAPS Restaurant, Riverrising Bakery, ACE, Habitat for Humanity, Kmart, The Paperclip, UPS, and Vista Prints.

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