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The FastCoast Film Academy through FastCoast Productions focuses on hands on training (learn while doing approach) in all things media.  It’s main purpose it’s to create short films, feature films, documentaries, and creating videos for other organizations. We create films primarily and Orginization promotional videos.  The academy trains it’s participants through the creative media process while filmmaking to learn all the technical aspects of the film and work atmosphere. When they have successfully worked on a couple of creative media projects they move on the commercial projects.  The challenging part is getting enough funding for the training creative projects .  A lot of the work is primarily volunteer.  We do some successful fundraising that helps us along the way to help complete our projects. 


We dream of being able to fund the academy yearly to provided this creative training experience year round and free to the applicants. We love working with our local community which brings us all together and creates life long relationships throughout.


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From Concept to Distribution!

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We will be running
our programs still via video on our social
networks.  We are always currently working
Pre-Production, Production, and Post-
Production with projects.

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